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Quick, angry monsters are trying to kill you! You start with a gun and have to clear every level, but think of picking another weapon up, as the more you stick to a weapon, the more knock-back you have. Through 66 hard as hell levels you will have to battle nerves and unleash the beast you have inside.

  • There are 4 different weapons, everyone of them with their own characteristics.

  • 3 types of enemies that will test your patience and will to complete this s***y game.

  • A physics system that will make you go: WOW, F*** THE DEVELOPERS.

Join us in this impossible to beat game made in 72h with a lot of Red-Bull in our blood.

This is the first game of Bleach Shoot, a team of 5 college students trying to make their way into the industry.

Software: Game Maker Studio (Engine), Aseprite (Graphics), Audacity (Sound Design) and FL Studio (Music Production).


W,A,S,D – Movement of the player

Left-Click – Select and Shoot

Made by:

@fabulousdesu – Director, Compositor, Lead Programmer

@kurotenshi - Artist

@yurichan - Artist

@zroz – Programmer, Level Designer

@rubn Programmer, Sound Design, Publishing


To the hell and back V_1_3.exe 5 MB

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